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On behalf of everyone at ASTS, I would like to thank all the professional truck drivers for placing themselves in harms way to provide food and products that keep this country moving forward in spite of this horrible pandemic.

Please, stay safe.
Vern Jones

  Welcome to ASTS Inc.

Founded in 2000, Alternative Safety & Testing Solutions, Inc. (ASTS), is a privately owned corporation providing third party substance abuse program administration services to over two thousand companies.

ASTS is committed to providing consistent, objective, and complete drug and alcohol testing, training, and managing for our clients. We are committed to providing affordable and quality service to employers across the United States and abroad.

Many third party administrators (TPA's) of workplace programs concentrate their business efforts on attracting only high volume clients, minimizing client contact and attempt to force all clients into a "standardized mold". The goal of our staff is to provide our clients with customized and cost effective means for establishing and maintaining safe, productive, and drug-free workplaces. While ASTS does not attempt to be all things to all companies, we are specialists in substance abuse deterrence and detection programs. Defensibility of testing programs is often predicated on customizing the testing program to the organization's culture. ASTS has been very successful in the development of such programs providing employees and management with the confidence of accuracy, integrity, and confidentiality.

Our staff is a unique blend of business, medical and clinical professionals. Each of our executive staff has over 20 years of experience in all aspects of drug and alcohol testing. Our highly skilled staff of professionals include, Substance Abuse Program Administrators, an attorney with nationally recognized expertise in testing, four Medical Review Officers (MRO), the first chairman of the national commission to certify program administrators, and one of the founders of a national organization for substance abuse program administrators (SAPAA).

Contracting with an expert in third party administration can save your company time and money! ASTS makes a commitment to its clients to provide training and support for DOT and workplace drug and alcohol testing guidelines. ASTS combines integrity, professionalism and expertise to create a DOT drug and alcohol testing program you can trust.

Program Highlights:

     Administering random selection and company notification protocol.
     Arranging for random drug and breath alcohol testing at the percentage rate that meets the requirements of the DOT Regulations 49 CFR, Part 382.
     Maintaining random testing pools for employees.
     Maintaining random selection and random pool records.
     Providing employer with its drug and alcohol results within 24 hours after the laboratory has received the specimen.
     Contracting with DHHS certified laboratories and Medical Review Officers.
     Submitting blind quality control testing for the employer as required by the DOT.
     Providing employer with regulatory updates affecting the program.
     Maintaining a database of all tests.
     Generating MIS reports for audit and inspection.



Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. How Does it Impact Your Company. Click here for more details.

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